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evil boy loves you

Obsession du jour : Lepidoptera- gotta catch’em all.

I have dealers lined up already,

from Germany I am to receive:

Parides gundlachianus, endemic to Cuba.

what a commie insect looks like

from Paris I shall acquire:

a pair of Parides hahneli, from the southern part of the Amazon.

what a samba loving insect looks like

and from the Philippines:

Papilio hermeli, endemic to Luzon island.

hmm, I actually don't know any Filipino stereotypes...

Mind you these are all quite difficult to come by- but because I am quite the bargain hunter I’m getting them for practically nothing.

I hope this wont affect me at US customs.

Oh, well, only time will tell.

Oh, I’ve kinda given up on collecting the Corsican butterfly- partly because I’ll go to jail as it’s protected by the same legislation that protects the Panda bear and white rhinos- but mostly because I’m too lazy to drag my ass to wherever it lives and catch it. No, no I kid, I would never involve myself in any sort of illegal activity.

Ps. I just found out that a dealer of mine received a 21 month jail sentence back in ’07 for trading insects in the black market. The government, I tell you- always regulating the small business owner. I never bought anything illegal from the guy, mostly because it was way out of my high school, amateur entomologist budget, oh!- no, silly me I meant, mostly because it was illegal. Duh. Whatever, “Yoshi” deserved it, he was totally rude to me in all of his e-mails.